Still struggling with your counting or number words?


3-days Math Holiday Programme


You will have fun as you interact with other children


  • count up to 20
  • spell number words
  • name colours and shapes
  • tell time
  • name your coins and note


Please call Charis Therapy Centre at 9726 9363 to find out more.


3-days Math Holiday Programme 2


The class will be conducted by a qualified Special Education teacher, using a variety of strategies and resources to cultivate the interest in counting and Math. Children learn through music and movement, tactile play, hands-on exploration as well as worksheet activities.


Programme Details:


Date : 19 – 21 June 2019

Time : 02:00pm – 04:30pm

Cost : $300/- per student *Minimal of 2 to Start class.


Cultivate Your Child's Interest in Math!