Early Intervention Program for Infants & Children (EIPIC)

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Early Intervention Program for Infants & Children (EIPIC)


Early intervention is the term used to describe services that reach a child early in his or her development, usually from birth through age four. EIPIC thus seeks to help children with special needs to improve their motor, social & communication, self- help and cognitive skill.

Intervention is vital during this very early time as the child learns and develops at the fastest rate during the first few years.  It’s important not to miss out on this crucial part of your child’s development, as it may be more difficult to teach skills to your child as he or she gets older.


Early Intervention Program


Examples of early intervention services include health, educational and therapeutic services. The goal is always to help your child achieve the highest possible functioning and interaction at home and in the community. An early intervention program can also provide support and guidance to you and your family.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, together, we know about your child’s cognitive skill, speech and language skills, physical abilities, hearing and vision, and other important areas of development. We know how to work with children, even very young ones, to discover if a child has a problem or is developing within normal ranges.


Our Curriculum


Both the EIP and IEP concentrate on the 5 important key areas of development.


  • Independent Skills which consists of routine training, school readiness and self-help skill
  • Pre-academics (concepts building) and Academics Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Social & Play Skills
  • Language and Communication Skills


Early Intervention Programme


The main focus of the Early Intervention Programme is to give the child an early head start in preparation for school. Focusing on the 5 key areas of development, EIP targets on school readiness and ultimate transition into formal schooling.


Individualised Education Programme


The Individualised Education Programme, on the other hand, focuses on helping the child retain the skills learned. To ensure a smooth transition, children will also learn functional academics, literacy and independent skills while he/she waits for a formal school placement.


Our Team & Approach


Our teachers are qualified and trained with many years of experience from different special schools.

We employ an integrated approach for IEI that is tailored to maximise the strengths and meet the individual needs of the children we serve. Rather than engaging in any one approach, we believe in a blend of approaches. We use structures and visuals to support our activities (Activity Based Intervention) as well as our daily teaching (Direct Instructions). We also aim to cultivate a keen interest in reading in young children.

In order to make learning interesting and enriching, our rich pool of teaching resources are acquired both locally and from overseas


Our Other Specialised Therapy Programme


We provide customised intervention programmes for the child. We have many specialised programmes, solely customise to tailor to your child’s needs.

We have:


Other Services We Render


We would be glad to provide you with our Customised Therapy Services that tailor to your child’s needs.

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