Oral Dyspraxia Programme (Nuffield)

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Oral Dyspraxia Programme (Nuffield)


Children with developmental verbal dyspraxia have difficulty in making and coordinating the precise movements required for the production of clear speech. They have difficulty in producing individual speech sounds and in sequencing sounds together in words. Often, their speech is unintelligible.


Oral Dyspraxia Program


The speech disorder is the predominant presentation, but children with developmental verbal dyspraxia may also have oral motor dyspraxia, affecting their ability to make and coordinate the movements of the larynx, lips, tongue, and palate.

Nuffield is based on a motor skills learning approach with a particular emphasis on motor programme skills. The main focus is on speech output. Some studies have shown that the Nuffield programme for dyspraxia is effective in bringing about micro and macro changes in speech production in the treatment of severe speech disorders.


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