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Occupational Therapy is a clinical intervention programme that designed to help the patients to improve the way their nervous system functions. This is done through assessment…




Children with Autism, Global Developmental Delay, Dyspraxia, Auditory Processing issue or hearing loss, may cause poor development in speech and language…

Special Needs



Educational therapy is not exactly the same thing as traditional tutoring. It is a personalized remedial teaching for children with special needs and learning problems…

Child A

Our eyes met but he quickly averted his gaze. Totally oblivious to his surrounding, he continued to sit in his corner and play with a ball; and he played for hours without stopping. His mum tearfully exclaimed, ‘What can I do?’

Child B

The child was silent. No laughter, no smile, no cry. He couldn’t utter a single word or make an even little giggling sound. Mum was desperate. She asked me if there was anything we could do for him…

Child C

He was already eight. But he could not write his own name or jump and run around like other kids. Self-care would be a problem. Mum asked ‘Is there hope?’

Child D

Things were often broken. He was just so active! He touched and threw almost everything he could lay his hands on. There was neither safety awareness nor fear of injury. He would climb up and jump down from the bookshelf. He loved to jump from one point of the sofa to another and crawl under the table. He was always on the move. Mum was jaded and tired. She wondered if he could ever outgrow this behaviour….
These scenes will be painfully familiar to parents of children with special needs. The cries for help from these parents have been driving my passion as an Occupational Therapist. All through the years, I have seen it as my calling to journey with them.

Come join Charis and let us work together with you and your child. For there is no mountain high enough if we work hand in hand together.


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Our Therapists are registered under the Allied Health Professionals Council of the Ministry of Health.


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    Social Skills Group For Children & Adolescents

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    Primary One Readiness Program For Nov-Dec 2018 School Holidays

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