Special Needs Education

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What is Educational Therapy?


If your child struggles in school, teachers or psychologists might suggest educational therapy. But what is educational therapy? Educational therapy is not exactly the same thing as traditional tutoring.

Educational therapy is a personalized remedial teaching for children with special needs and learning problems. Educational therapists are trained professionals who are able to teach strategies to address challenges with reading, Math, writing, spelling, organization and study skills.


Special Needs Education


The specific strategies and treatments used by an educational therapist will vary. It depends on your child’s issues. Here are just a few examples of what therapists may do:

  • To work on behavioral issues that may be caused by underlying learning and attention issues
  • Teach time management and organization skills
  • Develop an educational plan by giving assessments, tracking progress and adjusting as needed
  • Provide a safe environment for your child to talk about school and friends. Coping skill or social skill may be taught.
  • Teach strategies to improve focus and work habits


Who can benefit from Educational Therapy?


Educational therapy can benefit students who struggle with:

  • Reading or comprehension
  • Remembering printed words
  • Understanding concepts
  • Completing schoolwork in a timely manner
  • Spelling even after multiple practices
  • Following directions
  • Working independently
  • Study and organisational skill
  • Time management


Who are we?


We are a team of very experienced professionals who will be committed to you and your child, providing the emotional, developmental and social needs of your child.

We have all services provided conveniently all under one roof. For children who need multiple services, we are able to provide a range of holistic integrated services using a multi-disciplinary approach.  Our therapists will also work closely with other professionals and teachers from your child’s schools or other organisations to achieve the best outcomes for your child.


Our Specialised Programs


We provide customised intervention programmes for the child. We have many specialised programmes, solely customise to tailor to your child’s needs.

We have:


Other Services We Render


We would be glad to provide you with our Customised Therapy Services that tailor to your child’s needs.

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