Special Needs Programs

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Our Specialised Programs


We provide customised intervention programmes for the child. We have many specialised programmes, solely customise to tailor to your child’s needs.

We have:

  • Intensive Handwriting Programme
  • Perceptual Motor Training Programme for Dyspraxia
  • Oral Dyspraxia Programme
  • Visual Perceptual Training Programme
  • Listening Programme
  • Intensive Behavioural Therapy Programme
  • English & Chinese Dyslexia Reading Programme
  • Pictures Exchange Communication programme (PEC)
  • Hanen Speech Programme
  • Social Skill Training


Therapy Services We Render


We would be glad to provide you with our quality services and also assure that you will get a full tailor to your child’s needs.

Call us today and experience our professional therapists and develop your kid’s social needs.


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