1. To asses how ready is your child in a group setting in term of transition and attention
  2. To create opportunities for all children going to Pathlight or mainstream to come together to try out the mainstream back to back the timetable
  3. To  run through all the basics in the academics subjects



What Will Be Covered


There will be reading, copying, spelling doing worksheets during English, Chinese and Math Lessons

Lesson will cover

  1. Recognition of basic Chinese words
  2. Phonic awareness and decoding skills
  3. Counting 1-100 addition to and subtraction within 20
  4. Ability to follow group instructions
  5. Tracking and copying



What Are The Activities


This is a 3 half-day, 4-hour daily programme which includes:




Who Will Benefit:


For anyone who needs assessment for his/her readiness for mainstream setting









Who We Are


About Us

Charis Therapy Centre is a private allied healthcare facility that offers occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, educational therapy, and psychological services to children and adolescents with learning difficulties and developmental challenges. We believe in a holistic approach to assessment and intervention and strive to support families in their journey towards helping each child maximise his/her developmental and learning potential.


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